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Yesterday I wrote about Google and the City of Los Angles delayed cloud deployment due to potential security concerns (or maybe not). Today comes word that Google Apps has been certified under the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA). This means the government has given Google Apps its stamp of approval for all but classified government functions.  This is believed to be the first certification of a cloud based application for the federal government.

So my question is what changed?  Are the Federal Government’s security concerns any less than the State of California’s? I would think not.  Is this just another case of FUD around cloud security in the LA case?

Perhaps it is more of what I was writing about yesterday. Maybe security concerns were only part of the problem in the City of LA case. Maybe delays delivering email via Gmail and other technical issues were at play here.  While it may be trendy and convenient to lay the blame for the delay at the feet of cloud security, there is more than meets the eye there.

So now the question is: If it is good enough for the Federal Government, shouldn’t it be good enough for you?  Lets see more cloud apps and cloud computing being certified for sensitive environments.  Despite the naysayers, there are plenty of SaaS-based security services like Alert Logic out there that can handle cloud security. The cloud can be a lot more secure than many believe.

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