We all talk about Cloud this and Cloud that. This is the year of the cloud, next year is the year that the Cloud takes off.  But it takes getting hit between the eyes to really see that the cloud is changing the way we work and live. I had a “hit between the eyes” moment today. I had to go for my yearly physical/medical check up to my local physicians office.

I checked in and after filling out the paperwork was brought in the exam room. They took my blood pressure, pulse, temp, weight, etc.  The attendant entered all of the info on an iPad.  A few minutes later my Doctor came in with his own iPad. After the usual greetings he looked me up in his iPad, looked at my history from previous years and began to take notes and give orders via the iPad.  He told me any orders, referrals and prescriptions would be waiting for me printed out at the front desk.

I asked my doctor where the information he was reading and writing was being kept. He told me for a few hundred dollars a month, the lab company he uses stores all of his information and records “in the cloud”. He doesn’t have to worry about securing it, making it HIPAA compliant or anything like that.  Any and all lab results are automatically added to my records and available to him. The whole office can access records via a secure web connection.

Even when he does his rounds in the hospital he takes his iPad and does the same thing.  It has drastically cut his IT costs in both software, hardware and storage. He has little to worry about in terms of compliance and he has more information at his fingertips then he could ever had hoped for before.

You want to know how the cloud is going to change the way we work, live and play. That is a damn good example right there. From a cloud security perspective what was interesting to me was that my Doctor was no longer bothered or concerned. It was the lab companies problem now. He pays them and they have to deal with it.

The same thing will happen with other migrations to the web. Especially as PaaS supplants IaaS. The consumer of cloud services is not going to worry about security or even compliance. That will be part of the service.  Cloud providers should take heed of that!

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