I saw an article today in One Stop Click that said “security is still cloud computing’s key hurdle.” While I am by no means minimizing the security challenges of the cloud, this type of echo chamber rehash really misses the point.

The article in question points to a post by Ric Fairlie of Microsoft in Forbes.com. Fairlie’s article is about the top 5 questions that CIO’s should ask private cloud providers. The top 5 were:

  1. How will you meet my company’s unique security requirements?
  2. What are the cost implications of a private cloud?
  3. What are your backup and disaster-recovery procedures?
  4. Can I move my legacy applications to the cloud?
  5. How will a private cloud affect my IT team—and how will you help manage these changes?

One and giving you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps two of these top 5 are security related. So why would the onestopclick article use Fairlie’s Forbes.com article to say that security is still the key hurdle? It certainly wouldn’t seem so from the Forbes article. In fact Fairlie says up front that many if not all of the security concerns can be addressed today.

I would put forth that there is in fact a lot more than security as hurdles in moving to the cloud. But as long as sites will seek to grab headlines by spreading FUD on cloud security, we will be left behind as the march towards the cloud moves forward.

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